The Orthodox house of St. Nicholas

Dear parishioners, brothers and sisters!

Glory to Jesus Christ!

You know our beautiful Sosnovets church well! Previous generations and we have worked hard to keep it, to make it beautiful, to be a place where we can pray and find God!

Our church in Sosnovets is the only Orthodox sanctuary in the region! Our parish is small, few emigrants from the East go to the church, but they themselves often turn to us for help.

In addition to regular obligations and payments, last year we began the repair work of the church house at 39 Kilinskiego Street. The Orthodox house of St. Nicholas is located here. The building will serve the parish: religious classes, parish meetings, meetings of the elderly, lectures on Orthodoxy will be held here, the church choir will rehearse here, and the parish office will be located. We want it to be a place where knowledge about Orthodoxy and Orthodox spirituality develop.

The idea was blessed by our bishop, His Eminence Athanasius, and supported by the Head of the Church in Poland, Metropolitan Savva.

The first repair work was carried out last year and continues this year.

The next stage of work is the preparation of a large meeting room for parishioners. The cost of materials and labor has increased greatly, so I sincerely ask you for financial support for this repair. Unfortunately, the cost of the work exceeds our expectations and our financial capabilities.

Therefore, I ask all parishioners, as well as supporters of our temple, regardless of denomination, for support.

 I believe that together we can overcome difficulties and leave an indelible mark, a spiritual mark.

Account number: PKO O/Sosnowiec

73 1020 2498 0000 8202 0160 2713

(Indicating na DOM ŚW. MIKOŁAJA)

I assure you of my prayers for all who support us,

Priest - Father Mikolaj